Many people, especially families with kids heading to Disney World, try to arrange trips to Orlando during summer months or over spring breaks that fall sometime in March or April since those times align with school break schedules. However, if you don’t have kids and just need some sunshine, or your kids can afford a few extra days away from classes, visiting Orlando during the winter months is jam-packed with benefits.

Take Advantage of the Low Season in Orlando

Whether you are planning to visit to get the full Disney experience, or you simply need a natural dose of vitamin D in January, you will discovery plenty of unique benefits available that make it more than worth fleeing the daily grind during “low season” months that fall between November to early December and January. While not slow during this time, you will find booking the most convenient and affordable flights, cozy hotels and high-quality limousines for easy transportation easier and less time-consuming.

Special Events You Can Enjoy During the Winter Months in Orlando

Even if your itinerary set for your visit to Orlando, you might consider squeezing in some time of the following notable events during your winter stay:

  • Parades Galore. For a December visit, you can experience a few different holiday-themed parades. The Macy’s Holiday Parade in December offers floats, Santa and sing along opportunities while the Florida Citrus Parade — also held in December — celebrates the holidays and two football games.
  • Holiday Lights and Decorations. The theme parks in Orlando always offer a sense of whimsy and magic, but never more so than during that time before the holidays when each park decks its halls, trims its trees and turns on all the lights.

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