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Taking a Long Drive with Your Partner? Make it Memorable with a Luxury Vehicle

Sometimes it takes more than a few loving words to show your loved one that yes, they are the only one for you. Sometimes you have to show that love, by loving words and actions. But that is why you and your partner go on date-nights every last Friday of the month! Please… a routinely scheduled date-night won’t bring you close together. What makes a good date-night? Surprise and excitement are important, especially when planning a long drive with your partner. Remember the following when putting your elaborate plan of wooing your partner (again) in action.

Pick the Right Dates

This can make or break your day trip to Orlando! Picking the right travel dates is really important because you want to enjoy the theme parks, attractions and other stopovers with your life partner. Avoid spending most of your time frustrated in lines by visiting Orlando in September. Reserve a luxury limo service to pick you from the airport, the weekend after Labor Day which will also give you clear roads and pleasant enough weather. Aside from September, other low seasons to make a road-trip to or within Orlando are May, November, early December, and January.

Spice Up Your Ride

Live close enough or within Orlando? Turn your drive to the city into a romantic road trip! Driving for hours, often without breaks may not seem the most ‘romantic’ setting however you can make it so by reserving a professional limo car service in Orlando! Take one romantic step ahead by booking Limo Car Orlando’s luxury limo service which includes everything from convenience and reliability to style and untold luxurious features.

Limo Car Orlando offers 2014 and 2015 limo models that will surely turn heads and make you the envy of everyone you pass by, while stretching on plush seats and sipping sparkling champagne.

Make Reservations to the Most Romantic Restaurants

The happiest place on earth also houses some of the most beautiful and romantic eating places that are absolutely perfect for such an occasion. Our special 4 picks are:

Stargazing in Orlando

End the day at Crosby Observatory located just atop Orlando Science Center. The aluminum domed structure houses Florida’s largest refractor telescope and it is accessible by the public! You can arrange a nighttime viewing along with your beau, the beautiful stars and the comfort of knowing you won’t have to drive all the way back home.

Knowing that you have someone reliable driving you and your sweetheart home will allow you to let loose and really enjoy the last, few moments in each other’s company before real life starts the next day. Enjoy this time by popping a bottle of sparkling bubbly and talk about anything and nothing at all. Reserve a luxury limo service with Limo Car Orlando today!

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