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Planning Your Wife’s Surprise Birthday With a Trip to Orlando!

Surprising your significant other with a romantic getaway to Orlando is an excellent birthday surprise idea. Not only will this be an incredibly thoughtful gift but also fun and poignant, you can only become closer to each other than already. Thinking of surprising your wife on her birthday is one thing, actually planning a getaway to Orlando without her getting suspicious is quite another!

You will have to design a deliberate plan of action, taking help of friends and family because pulling such a feat without getting caught will take all your effort. So what to plan besides the actual scheduling and flight to Orlando? What will you do once reaching Orlando? And who will pick you up from the airport?

Book a Limo Rental Even Before Setting Foot on the Plane

Looking for a cab that doesn’t charge exorbitantly will be a hassle. An alternative and better option is reserving an Orlando limo rental that will arrive before your flight and charge preset amount. Additionally, traveling to your hotel or resort in a classic limo is the ultimate in luxury and even romance. Look at the following when hiring a limo rental:

Choose an Intimate Limo

You would want to be as close and intimate with your wife on her special day therefore choose the right limo! Size doesn’t really matter with most things, but it does with limousines. The rentals come in different sizes: sedan, stretch, and super stretch. Choose the cozy luxury of a sedan limousine where shared intimacy will only make the occasion more special. The roomy interior of a stretch limo is also a good option, if you plan to spend more time in the limo.

Choose a Limo That Offers Seclusion and Privacy

Only the best limo rental services hire drivers based on professionalism and respect for the client. As such, limo drivers are extremely discreet during their shift hours, always mindful of the client’s privacy. Almost all luxury limos come equipped with a privacy divider and tinted windows that offer a seclusion and intimacy, setting off a romantic start to your planned activities.

Enjoy Orlando’s Nightlife with Your Loved One

Successfully planned and executed your wife’s birthday surprise? The night is still young! Besides Disneyworld, Orlando is known for having the most vibrant and different nightlife. Yes, there aren’t as much adult offerings since Disney’s Pleasure Island closed down but there are still plenty of options outside! Cigar lounges, comedy clubs, downtown dance clubs, live music shows and the like open up their doors as the sun sets in Orlando. Head to Mango’s Tropical Café or the ICEBAR for an unforgettable night!


Orlando is a paradise for lovers of all ages. Even residents can make their significant other’s birthday special; just don’t forget to book Limo Car Orlando!