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All About Orlando: A Brief Guide to Planning a Sensational Summer in Central Florida

Longer days and shorter nights, melting snow cones and denim short-shorts, gigantic theme parks and blockbuster action films—nothing spells fun like the sizzling sunny season!

That’s right, folks! Summer’s on the horizon, which means it’s time to plan a vacation!

We all wait eagerly for the dawning of that glorious time of year. Circling the important dates in bold red, we schedule me-time months in advance to celebrate our hard-earned freedom from the daily grind.

CEOs, teachers, doctors, students—people of all ages and backgrounds, from all walks of life, look forward to the spectrum of lemon yellows, hot pinks, and crimson reds that together paint the canvas of a scintillating season.

And what better way to celebrate the potpourri of colors than go with a palate that offers every shade of summer?

Planning Some Fun in the Sun

This year, Orlando’s stealing the spotlight for being one of the biggest hot-spots for tourists, travelers, families and kids.

Theme parks, museums, outdoor adventures, and great food—there’s something for everyone in Florida’s entertainment capital.

Wondering what makes it especially hot this summer?

An explosion of fun-tivities for every individual under the sun! From Pandora , the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, to the grand opening of a 25,000-seat multipurpose soccer stadium, there’s a multitude of fantastic options for all in the city!

Before you buy your tickets and make reservations, however, take a deep breath and keep in mind these tips for a truly wonderful vacay:

1. Compare Prices

Orlando is the hub of entertainment. And in your quest to plan the perfect getaway, you’re likely to visit a lot of places and try to stick to a budget. This is only made possible by doing a fair amount of research, scouring the Internet to find the best deals.

2. Know Your Guest-List

Who are you traveling with? Children? Grandparents? Colleagues? Old college friends? Knowing your company makes it easier for you to plan a trip that caters to everyone’s individual interests.

3. Commute Carefully

Orlando is home to a dozen amusement parks, and even more museums and restaurants. If you’re visiting for a brief period of time, or only managed to get a few days off from work, make them count by traveling in style.

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