Nothing Matters More Than Perfect Times

People often wonder whether a night out on the town in a limousine or similar experiences give more pleasure in the long run than material things such as a designer purse or a new computer. The answer may surprise you.

Psychologists have discovered that disposable income that is spent on experiences is more likely to provide more happiness and satisfaction than money spent on material things. Think back to a birthday party you had as a child. If you are like most people you can probably remember the cake, the friends, the games, and the experience of the whole thing but not always the presents you received. Later on in life most people remember proms, dances, weddings and a special night out on the town. It is true that getting dressed up in nice clothes is often required for these events but the experience and pleasure are what you remember.

Delving a bit deeper into this theory, the social connectedness or the ability to relax and mingle is what makes our experiences valuable. A limousine ride, dinner at a nice restaurant, and theatre tickets are prime examples of this type of experience. Traveling by limousine or hired car and sightseeing as a couple or with a small group would be another example.

There are always exceptions to the rules though. Bad experiences can often produce unpleasant memories that linger longer than the memory of purchasing bad material goods. Taking this bit of information a bit further it would be a wise idea to give a bit more thought and care the planning of your experiences. For example when you are taking a vacation taking a limousine to the airport can set the mood for the whole trip. Of course that does not mean the whole vacation will be a guaranteed pleasure; but taking a limousine will give you a relaxed ride in a spotless and elegant environment with a professional driver.

Times that qualify as experiences are not always solely entertainment; business meetings, lunches, and dinners are in this category. Taking the extra time to find a special restaurant and hiring a limousine can make the difference between a boring, lackluster, business lunch and one that will be remembered with pleasure by both your client and yourself.

There are many other facets of this study regarding experience versus material things, but it is wise to consider experiences an excellent use of income. People often do not even use what they have acquired as far as clothes, household goods, and technology. Many people spend their days acquiring material goods and taking care of them while neglecting their experiences. This often leads to a decreased feeling of satisfaction. Modern society has begun to appreciate minimalism in decor and life; and to appreciate that disposable income is best used to promote richer more pleasurable experiences.

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