The Top 7 Things to Do With Kids in Cape Canaveral

7 Things to Do With Kids in Cape Canaveral 1

Cape Canaveral is a beautiful, historic, and exciting part of the Sunshine State. Part of the Space Coast, Cape Canaveral is an excellent place to spend a weekend with breathtaking beaches, picturesque natural landscapes, and a variety of awesome destinations. There are plenty of places for excitement and awesomeness at Cape Canaveral. Here are 7 places we recommend you check out.

Go to the Kennedy Space Center

Obviously. This is the must-visit location on the Space Coast. This is where the dreams of the next big astronauts first ignite in the minds of their childhood. Not only do you learn about space, but you get to see into how an actual space exploration facility operates. At the Kennedy Space Center, you can witness rockets and shuttles, as well as 3-D IMAX films of missions from the past and present. We recommend the Shuttle Launch Experience as well as the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Did we mention there are simulators here too?

Jetty Park

One of the most beautiful parks in the world, Jetty Park is a cruise port that offers many campsites for various types of visitors. With a pristine beach and a pier that is a noted fishing hub, this is one of the best natural attractions in Florida. There are also dolphins and manatees swimming by.

U.S. Air Force Space & Missile Museum

Similar to the Kennedy Space Center in terms of awesomeness, the Air Force Space and Missile Museum features amazing exhibits of various rockets, satellites, and missiles, as well as historic shuttles we shot into space many years ago. If you’re looking to learn more about space and flight, this is the place to go. We recommend visiting the Rocket Garden, featuring old rockets from decades ago complete with launch pads and control towers.

Exploration Tower

The Exploration Tower in Cape Canaveral has seven floors with various observation decks located throughout. Alongside the spectacular views of the Space Coast, you’ll find various details of Cape Canaveral’s exquisite history, including interactive exhibits.

Manatee Sanctuary Park

Over ten acres of paved trails and a beautiful boardwalk, this sanctuary provides a one-of-a-kind experience for viewing the majestic sea creature that is the manatee. We recommend seeing them eat seaweed and raising their snout-like mouths over the water. It’s to die for. Take pictures. 

Wickham Park

If you want to be in nature without the touristy feel, this is the place to be on the Space Coast. Often populated by locals and college students, Wickham Park offers various events including multicultural celebrations and a medieval festival. 

Palm Bay Aquatic Center

A popular destination that celebrates the absolute beauty of the beaches of the Space Coast, the Palm Bay Aquatic Center features pools with slides and water boards. The pool is also handicap accessible and is zero-depth entry for children who do not like swimming in the ocean’s waves.

The Space Coast is an exhilarating part of Florida to visit. We recommend seeing Cape Canaveral because it offers excellence in education, excitement, and inspiration. At Limo Car Orlando, we specialize in getting you to all parts of the Space Coast. From the Kennedy Space Center to the parks and beaches that make Cape Canaveral an ideal destination for your Florida vacation, we understand how to get you there on time and in comfort. For more information on how Limo Car Orlando can service your transportation needs, please contact us.

What You Should Know about the New Universal Studios Water Park


Universal Studios has recently opened Volcano Bay, a 30-acre water park designed to thrill and excite guests as they play around in the H20. The park has a Polynesian theme. Krakatau, a great volcano that gives the park its name, goes from a waterfall to a fire fall, to a lava flow within the same day. Before you jump in, you should know a few things about the park:

1. TapuTapu Is Your Friend

Universal Studios did a lot of extensive research when designing the park, and it absolutely shows. Their efforts have culminated into a nifty little wristwatch called TapuTapu. With this device, you can do basically anything: rent a locker, get souvenirs, and pay for meals.
The biggest advantage of TapuTapu is that you can virtually wait in line. Just pick out which ride you want to go on, and queue up. That is right, you can have a relaxing trip to the lazy river or grab a bite to eat while your little buddy waits in line for you. The best part is that you do not have to go immediately. Unfortunately, you will have to give TapuTapu back at the end of the day.

2. Arrive Early

Tourists hear this advice all the time. That makes sense because it is good advice. As the latest attraction, it is absolutely swarming with people. Early birds will find shorter lines to the hottest rides, and more space, so you can find the best spot.

3. Do Not Bring Anything More Than What You Need

You are going to get wet here. This seems pretty obvious since you want to get wet. But you do not want your camera, or your clothes to get wet. As mentioned above, you can rent out a locker, but the lockers are not Hermione’s bag, which can hold anything. Some rides will not let you ride in flip-flops. The top of Krakatau might as well be the highest point in Florida, and you do not want to lug anything up there just to be told that you cannot ride with it. This park favors those who come to it light.

4. Park at City Walk

Universal charges $12 a day if you are staying at one of their hotels. If you are not staying at one of the hotels around the park, parking is going to get really pricey in a hurry. Leaving your car at CityWalk, and then taking one of Universal’s buses is going to save you money and hassle. Make sure you get here as early as you can, as parking fills up fast.

5. Do Not Worry about the Rain

In Florida, we have a joke: “If you do not like the weather, that is ok. All you have to do is wait 30 minutes.” There is a lot of truth to the aphorism. Many will feel tempted to pack up and leave when the sky darkens, but wise tourists will simply head under an overhang or into a restaurant. The rain usually passes fairly quickly.

If you want to ride to Volcano Bay in style, do not hesitate to contact us today. At Limo Car Orlando, our friendly, professional, and local staff will help you in any way they can.