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The Limo Car Orlando Story

My father, Andy Shah, started this company about 20 years ago. He started off with one town car as a gypsy (hustler) at the airport just trying to get whatever work he could. Eventually after many years, working 16 hour days, he was able to save up and start his own company. An immigrant from India with a young son and a very delicate understanding of the American language, my father’s ability to make anyone laugh was always what ingratiated him with clients. Having such a strong accent many would think that his ability to communicate with potential customers would be tough, but his charm always won the day. My father was able to bring LimoCar to a high point in the early 2000s as one of the most recognizable transportation companies in the greater Orlando area. A pioneer in his local market my father was always the first one in the city with the newest vehicles. The thing I most admired about my father was that he would never turn anyone away who needed help. Even if it was a direct competitor he would do what he could do to help them get on their feet. Andy, as everyone knew him, would help others to get financing and loans to start their own company because he always believed that anyone willing to work hard should never go hungry. Andy’s first battle with cancer came in 2012 and even as he would go through his treatments he would never stop working. Countless people who never met him face-to-face felt like they had known him their entire life due to his ability to hold a meaningful conversation with anyone who called looking for a limo. Andy employed 7 full time drivers of whom 4 are still with us today. Limocar has always been and always will be a family owned and operated business. That doesn’t stop with the immediate family. It goes well into our drivers who have watched both me and my brother grow up over the past 20 years. I have dedicated this business to my father’s memory. – Mickey Shah

Who we are

Limocar Orlando Limousine service is the limousine service of Orlando to call when looking for the finest in high end vacation transportation. We only use brand new vehicles. Each year we purchase new stretch cars from elite dealers. Our cars are fully loaded to allow your ride to be pleasurable and stress free. Our chauffers are professional and friendly, ensuring a pleasurable experience for you and your party. We are the best limo service Orlando has to offer.

Why Choose Us

Our corporate limo service and personal limo rental of Orlando Florida is waiting for your call. You will ride in brand new vehicles from our Orlando limo service in Florida. provides dependable, timely limo transportation service. Our service includes: limousine rental to hotels, attractions, orlando airports, disney, olrando airport transportation and pickup. Orlando Airport Transportation Orlando Florida Limo Service offers first class limos. The limousines are all newer models! Airport transportation and luxury cruise services are available in Orlando. Our vehicles include Hummer, Limo Bus, Lincoln Stretch, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes S550, and Chrysler 300. Area’s of Service: Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, Port Canaveral, Miami, Tampa, Busch Garden, Kennedy Space Center. Limocar is an Orlando Florida limousine service provider of limo deals. No two companies are the same! Limousine operators place varying levels of emphasis on service levels and investment in their fleet. You can gain an insight into the way a company operates by how responsive and professional they are. For example, when you contact a company via their website, how long does it take for them to respond? Do they correctly interpreted your requirements? Is the quotation professional? Similarly telephone requests can also provide an insight into how a limousine operator is likely to handle their customers. Is your call answered promptly and professionally? Are they friendly when answering your questions? Do they offer to send you a written confirmation of the price? Is your call answered by a telephone answering machine? If you are visiting websites look for signs that they are a professional. Do they have a fixed line number or just a mobile phone, does the website include the name of the company or individual? Is there a physical contact address, or just a PO Box number, or worst still, no address at all? These are indicators, not definitive signs of a poor organisation, but you should ask yourself why, for example, a limousine operator would not want to include their full company name or physical address. Because the limousines are a critical aspect of the hire, look to see if the website includes images of their own vehicles. Study the pictures because many companies use generic pictures of limousines, if this is the case, ask yourself why they would not want to show images of their own vehicles? One clue is to look at where the picture was taken and the registration plate, if it looks as if it was taken in out of the area, then take care. Also ask about signage on the vehicle, some operators use their limousines as advertising hoardings, which can leave many clients disappointed. If you come across a broker offering to secure quotations on your behalf you will need to consider the following. Most limousine operators will be paying for each enquiry they receive or a percentage of the hire value. Will you end up paying a premium price for the convenience of using a third party? Some of these brokers describe their limousine operators as accredited or approved. If this is the case ask what this process entails, what guarantees if any, the accreditation process provides you, for example, will the broker underwrite the hire? How often are the operators checked? You also need to bear in mind that you are relying on a 3rd party to complete your research, which means you are dealing with two entities of which you have no previous experience. While it is very tempting to decide on price, this should only form part of the process. It should become clear from your research that all limousine operators are not equal. A professional limousine operator may charge $10 or $15 per hour more than a less reputable organization, but on an average hire of 5 hours, this amounts to no more than $75, a small premium to pay in order to secure a professional service, from an established full-time operator with modern limousines. Another aspect to bear in mind when searching for transportation for your event is reliability. Stretched limousines are expensive to service and repair which inevitably results in some operators attempting to delay repairs until the last possible moment. Unfortunately, poorly maintained vehicles are notoriously unreliable. While it is reasonable for you to expect the operator to be diligent in such matters, it does not necessarily follow that they are and it may well affect your hire! In many cases a cheap hire really does result in a cheap service. Listed below are some useful questions to ask of your operator. Questions to ask Limousine Operators
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many vehicles do you have?
  • Where are you based?
  • How old are you vehicles?
  • Where can I view your limousines?
  • Are there any minimum charges or hire durations?
  • Are you a full-time limousine operator?
  • What does the price include (VAT, Drinks, Gratuities etc)?
  • What contingencies do you have if the limousine breaks down?
  • What guarantee do I have that I will receive the limousine I have chosen?
  • Do you have the appropriate private hire insurance, can I view it?
  • Will I receive a written confirmation of the price?
  • Do you provide a booking confirmation with the itinerary and price included?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • What is the deposit and when is the balance due?
Hiring a stretched limousine will be a great experience if you ask the right questions. If you miss the details, you may end up in an embarrassing old clunker of a vehicle. We set the bar for high end service experience with all new year models including: Hummer, Dodge Charger, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Stretch limo, Mercedes, Chrysler 300 and Orlando Limo Bus. This makes us a company of excellence and the best limo services in Orlando Florida! We offer reliable Orlando airport transportation. No matter what you need them for: Business, Weddings, Proms, ride from/to Airport and Port Canaveral or simply having a great fun time, our Orlando limo service is perfect! Our limousines look nice, our units are constantly renewed, our drivers are dependable and kind, always willing to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience. Recommended by thousands of happy customers, Limo Car Orlando is always ready to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated needs. We’re in the business of MAKING YOU HAPPY!