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5 Must-Haves For An Awesome Bachelorette Party!

It is customary that the bride-to-be has the best time of her life. Hence the conception of a bachelorette party!

But, as a bridesmaid, how do you throw an amazing bachelorette party if you haven’t done so before? Should you go down the raunchy road and plan some naughty activities? Or should you be feminine and plan a girl’s night out, complete with pink champagne and tiaras?

Whatever your theme, there are some must-haves that you need for an awesome bachelorette party. And here, we list them!

 5 Bachelorette Party Essentials

· A Stretch Limousine

Limousines are a classic addition to every bachelorette party. Piling up with your best friends in a limo and traveling around town will help kick things off in style. With no worry about getting transportation or even about giving directions to your driver, you’ll be able to enjoy the evening fully.

And since many companies offer affordable limo rentals in Orlando, you’ll even have some of your bachelorette party budget left over for other goodies to splurge on!

· Fun Accessories

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, so why not put some fun accessories to good use? Many party stores offer some great items such as glow-in-the-dark bangles, feather boas, glittery top hats and even bunny ears. Having each member of your bachelor party wear one will provide a sense of camaraderie to the whole group as the evening goes on.

· Cute, Matching Outfits

Wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable and decide on a theme that will work for everyone. Now, we know that short dresses are usually the go-to look for such events. But instead of that, get your friends to wear jeans or even rompers so they can dance the night away without worrying about their dress or fidgeting over their hemlines.

· Bridal Party Gifts

Bachelorette parties are the best time for gift-giving. With emotions running high and the promise of a memorable evening ahead, your friend will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Get them something that speaks of your connection to them. Personalized items such as special shades of nail polishes or even bracelets with a custom note would work great.

· Smart Shoes

The reason why we believe these are essential is because you will be walking and dancing all night. You don’t want your feet to suffer. Make sure that you have backup shoes stored away in your limo so that you can switch afterward. Now, while this may not seem like an awesome must-have, trust us when we say that your feet will thank you later.


With Limo Car Orlando, we care for our customers in every way. Get these must-haves for your bachelorette party and contact us to hire our limousine to turn your special evening into a party to remember!

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