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5 Essential Details Your Limo Service Needs to Know

So you need to hire a luxury vehicle for your special event and don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry; Limo Car Orlando has got you covered!

Just read below to know the different details we’ll need and then call 888-899-5466 to hire the best limo service in Orlando, FL.

What Your Limo Service Needs to Know

· Type of Event

Of course, we can’t help you get the right vehicle if we don’t know what sort of event you’re having. For example, we cannot very well recommend our heavy-duty Hummer Limousine if the event turns out to be a business setting.

Another reason we should know about the event is because some limo rentals have different methods of payment, i.e. some may require hourly payments while others may have a set fee. As such, knowing the event will help you narrow down your limo budget.

· Drive Time

We will need a time, date and duration for the limo service. Limo companies need such details to check their vehicle availability. In case the vehicle you need isn’t available, they can provide you with a better alternative. Consider your drive time and determine which vehicle will best suit your purposes.

· Number of People

Switching from 10 people to 12 sounds easy enough, but not if you’ve hired a limo that only has space for 7. The number of people in your party will affect the type of vehicle you need.

Don’t skip out on this detail because you think you’ll end up with a cheaper deal. There is a legal threshold to the number of people that need to be in a vehicle and this law is strictly enforced. List the number of people and inform your limo service about the passenger count.

· Desired Luxuries

Limo services often provide various amenities such as glassware, water, ice and even champagne for special occasion. But they won’t do so if you don’t tell them. Write a message to your chosen company about the selection of music you like and give as much detail as you can so that they can provide you with better service.

· Age Limit

This is important. If the vehicle is transporting people under the age of 21, they will need proper identification present. In many situations, not determining the age limit of the party in question can lead to issues, such as the underage consumption of alcohol and that can cause legal ramifications.

Have your facts straight and be prepared to provide details for a trouble-free ride.

Contact us to rent a limousine in Orlando, FL today so that we can provide you with the services you desire.

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