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Travel Like A Celebrity To Your Prom!

Looking to be this year’s prom King or Queen? Prom season is just around the corner. You know what that means—gorgeous dresses; corsages; hair and makeup choices; shopping; and lots of Snapchat!

Get your clothes ready. Don’t forget the matching shoes. Plan out everything you need to do for the day. And most importantly, make your limousine reservations on time!

Going to your high school prom in a luxury limo will be an amazing experience for sure; pool in the money and enjoy the ride, arriving in style!


Hiring a limousine means listening to your favorite tunes with your group of friends. You can have a whole other celebration on your way to the venue.

Make a playlist for the day. Let it be the soundtrack of the night!


Our limousines are perfect for any variety of drinks you would like to enjoy on your way to prom. You can stock up on drinks—ask your friends for suggestions. A full service bar with drinks and ice will be ready for you.

Say cheese!

Taking pictures is an important part of the day.

We all try to record our memories to look back at later in life. Prom is a memorable night of every student’s life, so don’t be lazy when it comes to posing for the camera.

Be sure to click pictures with all your friends and in the outfit you worked so hard to put together. The best way to do it is to plan a photo shoot before the event, preferably earlier in the day. Be sure to take pictures in your limo as well.

Make an entrance

Arriving at the venue will definitely be the highlight of the night.

As the limousine takes a turn and makes its way down the street, everyone will be envious. Step out of your classy limousine in style, like the celebrity you are!

Don’t hold back the glam on this special night. Plan out everything for a perfect time.

When arriving at your prom in a limousine from Limo Car Orlando, you are sure to look like a star! Choose from our fleet of vehicles and make reservations for one of the biggest days of your teenage life.