4 Tips for Surviving in the Summer

4 Tips for Surviving the Orlando Summer

Over the summer, the whole world flocks to Orlando. In 2016 alone, 68 million people visited our city. Everyone who lives down here knows that the summers are hot and muggy, and the throngs of people warm the place up even further. As residents of the city, we know a few tips on how to beat the heat.

1.       Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

People from further north love to come down to our city. We lovingly call them snow birds. Not many of them understand what the weather is like down here, so they are not prepared. We recommend wearing light, bright clothing while you are visiting the city. Light clothing is better in the heat. It insulates your body less, and is far more breathable than heavier clothing.

You need bright clothing as well because there are very many people in Orlando over the summer, and it is easy to get lost in a crowd. A neon shirt will make members of your family stand out in a group, so you can spot them easily. An average of 11 kids get lost every day in Disney theme parks. They are lost for an average of 30 minutes. This is not so serious, but temporarily losing someone can be a dark spot on your day.

2.       Drink Plenty of Water

People often underestimate how much water they lose while out in the sun. As you are out and about, you are exerting yourself. You need to ensure that you are hydrating yourself, so that you do not run into heat and sun related illnesses.

In normal conditions, it is a good idea to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. When the weather is hot and you are moving around a lot, this number goes up. Little kids love the wonder and excitement of Orlando, and rush around without care for themselves. It is especially important for the little ones to stay hydrated as they have the time of their lives.

3.       Bring a Backpack

We understand that you do not want to look like a tourist, but do not worry; this is Orlando. Almost everyone is a tourist. Throwing a few water bottles in your backpack can save you a considerable amount of cash. A backpack also gives you space to store snacks, like granola bars, so you can sate your hunger pangs while you are out at the parks.

Those are not the only items to carry around. Sunscreen is vital in Orlando. Making sure you have enough will help you fight against sunburns. A towel also comes in handy. At many parks, you will get wet, and you do not want to spend the whole day like that.

4.       Stay in Contact

A fully charged phone is a wonderful thing. If you are in a group, you may split up. Letting people know where you are and where you will be going helps make sure no one will be lost. If you are not in a group, a charged phone at the end of the day will help you get around and make the calls you need. Constant communication is the way to go, and helps in planning.

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