Top Orlando Restaurants for Brazilian Tourists

Bem-vindo ao Orlando! Orlando is one of the most popular destination for Brazilian tourists. In fact, about 35% of tourists that travel to the U.S head to Orlando. For two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, Orlando received more visitors from Brazil than any other country in the world. These tourists visit Orlando to go to the world-famous theme parks and enjoy a fun-filled vacation with their loved ones. If you are a Brazilian tourist in Orlando and are craving a popular dish from your home country, check out our list of the top Brazilian restaurants in the city.


Giraffas Brazilian Grill is a popular Brazilian restaurant that serves grill-to-order, all-natural meals. This restaurant is perfect if you are tired of eating junk food on the go. Giraffas offers tasty lunch and dinner dishes for guests. You can order picanha steak, contra filet or pork picanha, accompanied by rice and beans. If you are in the mood for a refreshing drink, try the Caipiraffa, Giraffa’s version of the classic Brazilian caipirinha drink.

Pao Gostoso

One must-go-to restaurant in Orlando before heading to the parks is Pao Gostoso. Pao Gostoso is a great place to enjoy an authentic Brazilian breakfast. This bakery specializes in baked goods and savory pastries. Pao Gostoso makes everything from scratch, meaning all pastries are fresh and preserve their unique taste. Savor delicious sweets, traditional Brazilian cheese bread and mouthwatering coconut cakes accompanied by a hot cup of coffee.  The bakery also offers Free Wifi which the tourists love to connect and share their Orlando travels.

Camila’s Restaurant

If you worked up an appetite after the parks, check out Camila’s Restaurant for a wide variety of food in an affordable self-serve style buffet. Camila’s has been in Orlando since 1994 and won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2014. They have a wide selection of meats including churrasco, picanha, and chicken.  Accompany your choice of meat with a range of pasta selections, or appetizing rice and beans.

Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant

This Brazilian restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can choose from all types of tasty Brazilian food and desserts. Meat selections include chicken, beef, and fish. They also have soup, salads, and rice and beans. For dessert, choose from fresh fruit, caramel pudding and much more! With friendly staff that speaks Portuguese, a trip to this restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Café Mineiro Restaurant

We know running around the park and going on rides is bound to make you very hungry. For the ultimate family-friendly dining experience, check out Café Mineiro at the heart of all the city’s main attractions. This restaurant is a buffet where you can enjoy eating up to 12 different cuts of meats for lunch or dinner. They also offer gourmet salads, pasta, and rice. Don’t forget to try their famous “Feijao” made on the house. Café Mineiro offers quality food at a great price.

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Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Orlando Before Your Cruise

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Orlando Before Your Cruise

Orlando is a great city to stay in before your cruise. This fact confuses people. Orlando is in Central Florida, after all, and not on the coast. But the fun of Orlando can stretch from sea to shining sea. 68 million people visited our city in 2016, and you could be part of a new record in 2017 and beyond. Check out this list of the best reasons to stay in Orlando before you cruise.

1.     The Fun Never Ends

Why should a cruise be the end-all, be-all of fun? Orlando has many wonderful theme parks so you and your family can enjoy fun before the fun. Universal, Disney, and others are jumping with excitement all year round.

There are hundreds of things that you can do in Orlando that you cannot do on a cruise. You can really get out and explore in a park, and that is pretty difficult to do on a boat. Plus, some companies offer incentives and cross-promotions, so you may save yourself a little bit of money when you go to a park beforehand.

2.     Nearby Attractions

Most cruises departing from Central Florida leave from Port Canaveral. If you want to see the Space Center before you go, it is only a short trip from Orlando. Should you want to see some greenery before you see nothing but ocean, Orlando has a few hiking trails and nature reserves nearby.

3.     Easy Transport

The Port of Canaveral is only a short trip away. There are many different ways to get from Orlando to where you will be sailing from. It is easy to rent a car, or find a shuttle or bus.

Our personal favorite way to get to a port is a limousine. Ride in comfort before your cruise. One of our professional and careful chauffeurs will bring you to the point where you will disembark. The whole ride will provide the best prelude to your cruise since you will be delighted in the comfort and grace of a limousine.

4.     More Hotels Available

Orlando is the tourist capital of the world. We understand this better than many do. Local hoteliers also know this fact. Orlando has a hotel on every corner, so you can be sure to find lodging that is comfortable. If you are bringing your whole family along, an Orlando hotel will have enough places to stay, even during the busiest season. A couple going on their honeymoon can find the perfect romantic place right here in Orlando. Everyone else should find the perfect hotel for them, anywhere in the area.

5.     Everyone Else Is Already Doing It

At Limo Car Orlando, we always keep track of the grapevine. We would not recommend this if we did not already know of people doing it. Tons of people have come through Orlando on their way to a fantastic Caribbean Cruise. Nothing but good reports have come our way, so we wanted to send the good vibes on.

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New Water Park at Universal

What You Should Know about the New Universal Studios Water Park

Universal Studios has recently opened Volcano Bay, a 30-acre water park designed to thrill and excite guests as they play around in the H20. The park has a Polynesian theme. Krakatau, a great volcano that gives the park its name, goes from a waterfall to a fire fall, to a lava flow within the same day. Before you jump in, you should know a few things about the park:

1. TapuTapu Is Your Friend

Universal Studios did a lot of extensive research when designing the park, and it absolutely shows. Their efforts have culminated into a nifty little wristwatch called TapuTapu. With this device, you can do basically anything: rent a locker, get souvenirs, and pay for meals.
The biggest advantage of TapuTapu is that you can virtually wait in line. Just pick out which ride you want to go on, and queue up. That is right, you can have a relaxing trip to the lazy river or grab a bite to eat while your little buddy waits in line for you. The best part is that you do not have to go immediately. Unfortunately, you will have to give TapuTapu back at the end of the day.

2. Arrive Early

Tourists hear this advice all the time. That makes sense because it is good advice. As the latest attraction, it is absolutely swarming with people. Early birds will find shorter lines to the hottest rides, and more space, so you can find the best spot.

3. Do Not Bring Anything More Than What You Need

You are going to get wet here. This seems pretty obvious since you want to get wet. But you do not want your camera, or your clothes to get wet. As mentioned above, you can rent out a locker, but the lockers are not Hermione’s bag, which can hold anything. Some rides will not let you ride in flip-flops. The top of Krakatau might as well be the highest point in Florida, and you do not want to lug anything up there just to be told that you cannot ride with it. This park favors those who come to it light.

4. Park at City Walk

Universal charges $12 a day if you are staying at one of their hotels. If you are not staying at one of the hotels around the park, parking is going to get really pricey in a hurry. Leaving your car at CityWalk, and then taking one of Universal’s buses is going to save you money and hassle. Make sure you get here as early as you can, as parking fills up fast.

5. Do Not Worry about the Rain

In Florida, we have a joke: “If you do not like the weather, that is ok. All you have to do is wait 30 minutes.” There is a lot of truth to the aphorism. Many will feel tempted to pack up and leave when the sky darkens, but wise tourists will simply head under an overhang or into a restaurant. The rain usually passes fairly quickly.

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