Romantic getaways in Orlando

5 Romantic Getaways In Orlando

1. Lake Eola Park
This pristine park is located in the heart of downtown Orlando.
You can enjoy a romantic walk around the lake or take a swan paddle boat to explore the beauty of the lake.

2. Leu Gardens
This 50-acre botanical garden is Orlando’s one of the hottest date spots at night. You can make the trip memorable by hiring a chauffeured limousine to take you to the park.

3. Stage-Play Show
Classic date ideas will never disappoint you! Plan a stage-play show of your favorite genre followed by a candle-lit romantic dinner with your loved one. Make it more sophisticated by adding a limo car service to the equation.

4. Enjoy Kayaking On An Eco-Tour
Orlando offers plenty of water sport options for adventurous couples. And kayaking should be at the top of your list.

5. A Romantic Balloon Ride
Take a ride over Orlando in a hot air balloon because this is the only way you both can truly enjoy Orlando’s finest in peace.

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Planning Your Wife’s Surprise Birthday With a Trip to Orlando!

Surprising your significant other with a romantic getaway to Orlando is an excellent birthday surprise idea. Not only will this be an incredibly thoughtful gift but also fun and poignant, you can only become closer to each other than already. Thinking of surprising your wife on her birthday is one thing, actually planning a getaway to Orlando without her getting suspicious is quite another!

You will have to design a deliberate plan of action, taking help of friends and family because pulling such a feat without getting caught will take all your effort. So what to plan besides the actual scheduling and flight to Orlando? What will you do once reaching Orlando? And who will pick you up from the airport?

Book a Limo Rental Even Before Setting Foot on the Plane

Looking for a cab that doesn’t charge exorbitantly will be a hassle. An alternative and better option is reserving an Orlando limo rental that will arrive before your flight and charge preset amount. Additionally, traveling to your hotel or resort in a classic limo is the ultimate in luxury and even romance. Look at the following when hiring a limo rental:

Choose an Intimate Limo

You would want to be as close and intimate with your wife on her special day therefore choose the right limo! Size doesn’t really matter with most things, but it does with limousines. The rentals come in different sizes: sedan, stretch, and super stretch. Choose the cozy luxury of a sedan limousine where shared intimacy will only make the occasion more special. The roomy interior of a stretch limo is also a good option, if you plan to spend more time in the limo.

Choose a Limo That Offers Seclusion and Privacy

Only the best limo rental services hire drivers based on professionalism and respect for the client. As such, limo drivers are extremely discreet during their shift hours, always mindful of the client’s privacy. Almost all luxury limos come equipped with a privacy divider and tinted windows that offer a seclusion and intimacy, setting off a romantic start to your planned activities.

Enjoy Orlando’s Nightlife with Your Loved One

Successfully planned and executed your wife’s birthday surprise? The night is still young! Besides Disneyworld, Orlando is known for having the most vibrant and different nightlife. Yes, there aren’t as much adult offerings since Disney’s Pleasure Island closed down but there are still plenty of options outside! Cigar lounges, comedy clubs, downtown dance clubs, live music shows and the like open up their doors as the sun sets in Orlando. Head to Mango’s Tropical Café or the ICEBAR for an unforgettable night!


Orlando is a paradise for lovers of all ages. Even residents can make their significant other’s birthday special; just don’t forget to book Limo Car Orlando!

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Don’t Get Into The First Cab You See! Book A Classic Limo For Your Airport Transfer

Weddings, proms and such special occasions are usually associated with limo rentals, when we think of transport. We forget there are many more reasons to rent a limo; in fact the most important one is the least thought. Limo rentals are excellent transport options for airport transfers because nothing can be more practical than a luxurious limo picking you from work or your home and dropping you off at the airport. Here are more reasons to consider a limo rental when travelling for an overseas business trip or even holiday.

It’s a Cost-Effective Option

Booking and planning for an overseas trip can be expensive depending where you are going. Cost of travel needs to be considered, especially going to and from the airport. Will you leave your car at parking facilities offered by the airport? You might also have to book an overnight stay in a nearby hotel if your flight is delayed. Take all of these considerations into mind when deciding on airport transfer options.


Hiring a limo rental for your airport transfer is the most ideal and cost-effective option, considering you’ll be picked from your home and dropped without any trouble and with enough time to spare.


Travelling with a group of people? Instead of meeting at the airport in separate cars, the better idea would be to pool the cost for a luxury limo rental and travel in style. Not only will this be cheaper for all involved but it will also ensure everyone arrives to the airport on time.

Limo Rentals Offers Reliability

You can be completely reliant on a good limo rental service, which is the best part! You will know your limo rental will arrive on time to pick you from home. You will know there will be transport waiting for you, outside of the airport the minute you board off your flight. You will have already made the payment through online limo rental reservation which means no having to bargain with the service regarding rate.

A Good Limo Rental Service Offers Safety

Safety being one of the most important things to think about during a trip is often the most overlooked. Driving your car to the airport and then parking it for an extended period at the airport’s parking facilities can be incredibly expensive. It can also be troublesome not to mention safety of your vehicle will be compromised.


Having all your bases covered when planning an overseas business trip or vacation will let you focus on the now rather than worrying what to do next about transport. Book Limo Car Orlando for reliable and professional airport transfers!

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5 Reason To Rent A Luxury Limo In Orlando

The very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about limousines is luxury and something that only the rich can afford.

Little do we know that many of us can still manage to enjoy the perks of a classy limousine while on a shoestring budget.

While you may not get the chance to drive the vehicle yourself, you can get something even better—the services of a professional chauffeur.

There is obviously a sense of freedom, comfort and luxury when it comes to renting a high-end vehicle. All the details regarding your travel are taken care of; the driver knows the route; all you need to do is sit back and enjoy some chilled wine.

Still wondering why to rent a luxury limo? Here are a few reasons:

#1-Arrive To Events in Style

Whether it is a bachelor party, prom night or a corporate event, arriving in a limo always turns heads.

There is definitely something about slowly pulling up to the venue entrance in a shiny limousine while a chauffeur stands outside, opens the doors and you step out. For that one moment you will feel that everyone is looking up at you.

#2-Enjoy Unparalleled Luxury

Let’s face it, none of us would give up on the chance to feel like a celebrity even if it was just for a few hours. Limousines are the epitome of luxury and give you the chance to feel like you are in a famous celebrity’s shoes. Why not role-play for a day? Give us a call today.

#3-Stay Safe At All Times

Chauffeurs undergo rigorous training to help ensure your safety and comfort at all times. The drivers have years of experience and an exceptional record. Moreover, our limos are equipped with state of the art safety features.

#4- Complete Privacy

Whether you are looking to have some fun with your friends or maybe a little romance in the backseat—when you rent a limousine, you can rest assured know that you will have complete privacy.

The windows are tinted and the drivers and passengers are in separate compartments. No prying eyes would be able to see inside the vehicle.

#5-Hours Of Non-Stop Fun

You have to agree that limousines are a whole lot of fun. With your choice of music blasting through the speakers, the mini bar full and plenty of space, you can ensure that the night keeps going!

Ready to explore your options with one of the best limousine services in Orlando? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

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7 Occasions to Hire a Limo

Planning to hire a Limousine for your special event?

Contact: Limo Car Orlando

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Want to Arrive to Your Prom In Luxury And Style? Book a Limo Rental!

There aren’t many moments in our lives that are as special as prom night. From the tuxes to the corsets and dresses, everything blends together perfectly to create a night that is the highlight of your teenage years.

Apart from looking your best and busting your favorite moves on the dance floor, one thing that can definitely add to your experience is a classy limousine.

Having a trained chauffeur drive you and your friends to the school and after-party is something that is bound to make your night memorable.

Looking for more reasons to hire one for prom? You’ve got ‘em:

Create Long Lasting Memories

Arriving to prom in a limousine has become somewhat of a rite of passage in preparing to leave high school and venturing out into the world. Why wouldn’t it?

You get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your squad together and sit back while looking classy and being driven down to an event that will only happen once in your life.

Make The Night Incredibly Romantic

Do you have a date? Heading down to prom will certainly add a good dose of romance to the night. You get to pick your date from her house and cuddle up in the back seat, not worrying about privacy.

You leave the perfect impression on your date, showing her that you care. Moments like these truly define the essence of teenage life.

Can’t afford to rent a limo on your own? Consider double dating with a friend and pooling in!

Extend The Night Beyond The Dance Floor

As soon as the lights have dimmed, the music has stopped and everyone is ready to head back, you still get the chance to enjoy a few more special moments.

Depending on the limo you choose, you get access to a bass thumping sound system, at times even an onboard dance floor and comfortable seats, letting you sway in the romance even after prom night is officially over. You can also bring over some friends have a small post-prom party.

Worried about the bills? You don’t need to be when an affordable Orlando limo service like Limo Car Orlando is by your side.

Give us a call today and book in advance to make sure that your prom night goes smoother than you expect!

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Travel To Orlando This Winter – Arrive And Depart In Style!

There are two kinds of people—those who travel to winter wonderlands to experience white Christmas in all its magnificence, and those who visit tropical paradises during winter back home.

Do you want to escape this cold weather and oncoming snow? Orlando is the perfect vacation spot!

Then again, planning for a holiday and then the actual traveling can be stressful. You are leaving your home for a breath of fresh air, not more stress!

Of course there is a right way to kickstart a holiday which will guarantee a stress-free holiday and lots of good memories.

Step 1: Plan Every Last Detail of the Trip!

Where are you going to stay? Who will pick you from the airport? Are you going to eat out every day? Planning every little detail of the trip will save you from a lot of stress later on. Additionally, traveling during the winter will also help save money, since this season is an off-peak time for many airlines.

Write a detailed travel plan, starting from your arrival at Orlando airport. Think about the following:

  • What are you going to do for transportation?
  • Will you stay at a hotel, rental apartment or a friend’s home?
  • Will you eat out most nights?
  • Do you have to book Orlando attraction tickets in advance?

You don’t want to start off your vacation being stranded at the airport, with no one to pick you.

Step 2: Book Your Chauffeured Transportation

You could miss your flight if you arrive even 5 minutes late at the airport. Transportation is really important, especially when going back home. You don’t want to be stuck in Orlando when work starts again the next day!

Hiring a reliable chauffeured transportation service in Orlando will make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare. You can also enjoy the luxury of a limo rental while sightseeing and club hopping.

Step 3: Don’t Go For Cheap When You Can Have Affordable but Best Services

Are you a budget traveler? It may make sense to compromise comfort of some amenities when the package is cheap. Remember though vacations are meant for relaxing and not fretting over the communal bathroom setup in your chosen hotel.

Never compromise quality of amenities and services provided by any service vendor. You can find amazing affordable yet quality deals after prodding a little bit over the internet!

Also, consider comfort of your transportation when planning your vacation. Travelers spend a good many hours of their vacation in transit too. Fortunately, visitors to Orlando can book transportation services of Limo Car Orlando, even before their plane touches down at the airport. So, go ahead and plan your most memorable vacation yet.

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The Finer Things in Life: 4 Occasions that Warrant a Limo Rental

With the option to travel in style, luxury and comfort – why not choose to reserve a luxury limo service in Orlando for next time it happens. If you are like other people, making an occasion extra memorable and charming must be at the top of your list. Be it yours or a friend’s birthday, last day of school, first day of the summer vacation, we want the day to start and end at a high note. Reserving a luxury limo rental will guarantee exactly that! Offering passengers the chance to ride in outstretched and luxuriously sleek limo rentals, Limo Car Orlando provides comfort, style, amenities including full stocked mini-bar and entertainment system and excellent chauffeured transportation to users.

Reserve a sleek limo rental service for the following occasions. Make these special days become extra-special!

Your Wedding Day

Watch any movie with a wedding scene and you’ll note how the bride and groom almost always drive away in a classic and beautiful limo after their ceremony. You want the best getaway at your wedding which makes a luxury limo an ideal part of the occasion. You and your new spouse can even celebrate for a bit before the reception lunch, focused solely on each other with a glass of bubbly and romantic music in the background.

Your Prom Night

Classic white (or black) limos have always been associated with prom night, AKA the biggest occasion and night for teenagers. The space and comfort offered by luxury limos means larger groups can easily be accommodated therefore you can have your own private party with a close group of friends. Hire a limo rental service on an hourly basis or for the entire evening of dancing, eating and the must-attend after-party!

A Personal Spa Day

Think back to the last time you scheduled some ‘me time’ and didn’t spend that hour doing laundry or running a last minute errand for work? We all need a few hours or day of personal pampering to unwind from the daily stresses of life! Take some time out (a few hours or a full day) and plan a spa day for yourself! Arrange for a day of pampering and relaxing at your favorite spa, then call Limo Car Orlando and arrange for limo rental to amplify the relaxation factor even more.

A Family Vacation

Visiting Orlando with your immediate family this Christmas? Ensure timely pickup from the airport with Limo Car Orlando! We also provide hourly reservations and travel to major attractions throughout Orlando which means you can plan to see must-visit attractions and we will do the rest. One thing you won’t have to worry about is navigating unfamiliar roads in traffic or otherwise. This is surely the best reason for hiring a limo service while holidaying in Orlando.

There are so many reasons why you should (and people do!) hire luxury limo services. Convenience and elegant traveling doesn’t even begin to cover benefits of making a limo service reservation. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial 1 (407) 812-8101 or visit Limo Car Orlando today!


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Taking a Long Drive with Your Partner? Make it Memorable with a Luxury Vehicle

Sometimes it takes more than a few loving words to show your loved one that yes, they are the only one for you. Sometimes you have to show that love, by loving words and actions. But that is why you and your partner go on date-nights every last Friday of the month! Please… a routinely scheduled date-night won’t bring you close together. What makes a good date-night? Surprise and excitement are important, especially when planning a long drive with your partner. Remember the following when putting your elaborate plan of wooing your partner (again) in action.

Pick the Right Dates

This can make or break your day trip to Orlando! Picking the right travel dates is really important because you want to enjoy the theme parks, attractions and other stopovers with your life partner. Avoid spending most of your time frustrated in lines by visiting Orlando in September. Reserve a luxury limo service to pick you from the airport, the weekend after Labor Day which will also give you clear roads and pleasant enough weather. Aside from September, other low seasons to make a road-trip to or within Orlando are May, November, early December, and January.

Spice Up Your Ride

Live close enough or within Orlando? Turn your drive to the city into a romantic road trip! Driving for hours, often without breaks may not seem the most ‘romantic’ setting however you can make it so by reserving a professional limo car service in Orlando! Take one romantic step ahead by booking Limo Car Orlando’s luxury limo service which includes everything from convenience and reliability to style and untold luxurious features.

Limo Car Orlando offers 2014 and 2015 limo models that will surely turn heads and make you the envy of everyone you pass by, while stretching on plush seats and sipping sparkling champagne.

Make Reservations to the Most Romantic Restaurants

The happiest place on earth also houses some of the most beautiful and romantic eating places that are absolutely perfect for such an occasion. Our special 4 picks are:

Stargazing in Orlando

End the day at Crosby Observatory located just atop Orlando Science Center. The aluminum domed structure houses Florida’s largest refractor telescope and it is accessible by the public! You can arrange a nighttime viewing along with your beau, the beautiful stars and the comfort of knowing you won’t have to drive all the way back home.

Knowing that you have someone reliable driving you and your sweetheart home will allow you to let loose and really enjoy the last, few moments in each other’s company before real life starts the next day. Enjoy this time by popping a bottle of sparkling bubbly and talk about anything and nothing at all. Reserve a luxury limo service with Limo Car Orlando today!

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Celebrate Thanksgiving In Style This Year With A Hired Limo Car Service In Orlando!

What are your plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Are you thinking of visiting your extended family during this festive season? Or perhaps you’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner and have invited several friends and family members from out of town.

You can’t be expected to arrange for their transportation—who will make sure the turkey doesn’t burn?

Do you want this year to be different from previous Thanksgiving holidays? Hire a chauffeured limo car service in Orlando and have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Party the Night before Thanksgiving

Did you know, more people head out on the roads—to visit friends, family, or their hotel—on Thanksgiving Day, than any other? It is a day meant to be enjoyed although sometimes revelers jumpstart their holiday on the night before this holiday.

Going to a holiday party with friends? Why not hire a limo rental and arrive at the venue in style! Moreover, you won’t have to worry about driving back which means more alcohol, fun and class!

Pick Up Family from the Airport

Do you have family flying from out of town for Thanksgiving? You can either pick them up in your old car or hire a classic limo sedan, your choice. They will be impressed no doubt but above all, hiring a limo rental will set the right tone for the rest of your holiday!

Book two days of quality service – pick up friends and relatives from the airport and take them out party hopping. Not to mention the peace of mind you will have, not having to navigate through bad holiday traffic!

Hiring a chauffeured limo car service from Limo Car Orlando is incredibly simple too. All you have to do is fill this form, sit back and relax as the reservation process is completed.

Spend Time with Family

Your friends and extended family can decide to extends their stay because let’s face it, 2 days are simply not enough.

You can spend quality time and keep them entertained at the same time by hiring a limo car rental service! Take them shopping on Black Friday or offer a relaxing tour of the city. The ride either way will be fun and exciting, right from the start!

We can make the coming holiday season a bit more fun and exciting by hiring a professional limo car rental service, to drive on the roads of Orlando. Look at the impressive selection of shiny vehicles in possession of Limo Car Orlando and choose your favorite one!