Top Orlando Places to Celebrate Your Bachelor Party

Top Orlando Places to Celebrate Your Bachelor Party

Orlando has become a hotspot for bachelor party venues over the past few years. While some venues offer a wide array of good food and booze, other venues offer swimming and golf for you and your buddies before you get married.

Whatever venue you choose, the most important thing is for you to be able to enjoy your life as a bachelor with your guy friends before heading to married life.

Here’s a list of some of the most notable bachelor party venues in Orlando:

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

Located in 4040 Central Florida Parkway, this 4-star hotel boasts of not only upscale restaurants and bars but also its amazingly vast pool area. The entire pool area was connected  by a slow flowing river that you can float around in.

Experience top hospitality services when you stay in JW Marriot. Whenever you get tired of floating in the pool, you can put up a service flag on your chair by the poolside and a staff will come to ask for your order. If swimming and indulging in food and beverage by the poolside are your cup of tea, then this is the best place for you and your buddies.  

Rosen Shingle Creek

Located in 9939 Universal Boulevard, this 4.5-star hotel is known for having a gorgeous golf course. Aside from checking out the different types of restaurants and multiple pools found in this hotel, guys can enjoy hitting the links with their friends.

Another plus for this venue is that it is only minutes away from the Orlando International Airport. This makes it convenient to get to and from this hotel.

Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes

Located in 4012 Central Florida Parkway, this 4.5-star hotel is considered one of the most serene luxury hotels in Orlando. Its features include a panoramic view of the lakes, a pool, and a garden to help you relax.

If you and your buddies prefer a more active weekend, Ritz-Carlton offers canoeing or kayaking. You can also hang out with your friends at Club Lounge. Most of the reviewers say that it is the exceptional staff service and impeccable cleanliness of the sheets that make Ritz a delightful place to stay.

Bull & Bear Steakhouse at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Located in 14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, this 4.7-star fine dining restaurant offers an extensive menu and delightful food and drinks. There is no better opportunity to savor mouth-watering prime grade steak paired with top-notch drinks than at a bachelor party.   

Chatham’s Place Restaurant

Located in 7575 Dr. Philips Boulevard, this 5-star restaurant was rated as such due to a wonderful mix of Italian, French, and American cuisines. Other highlights include its great selection of wine and music played by its pianist. If you want to make your bachelor’s party a memorable one, savor the goodness you’ll find at Chatham’s Place.

Use Limo Car Orlando for your Transportation Needs

Let us be your mode of transportation so you and your buddies can spend more quality time before you get hitched. Trust LimoCarOrlando to help you get to your destination sooner and safer. Contact us at 1 (888) 899-5466 and let us talk about how we can make your land travel more convenient.

Orlando Business Conventions Do's and Don'ts

Orlando Business Convention Dos and Don’ts

Everybody knows Orlando because of the theme parks, and Orlando has more than earned the reputation as a city of tourists. Most people do not know that Orlando is a thriving business capital. Orlando’s technology companies are worth $13.4 billion in revenue. The Central Florida Research Park, which is one of the largest research parks in the country, is in the area. Many big business conventions roll through our city, so we prepared a guide to help out business travelers.


Catch a game. Orlando has 6 professional sports teams. The two most prominent among them are the Orlando Magic of the NBA, and Orlando City SC, of the MLS. The University of Central Florida is also located in Orlando, so watching one of their games is easy. Quite a few games are played at night, so you can unwind after doing business all day, or do some networking.

Take in some live music. Orlando has been the birthplace of many famous musical acts. The Backstreet Boys, Matchbox 20, and Trivium all started here, so there is a band suited to every taste. Bars and pubs populate the city all up and down. After a hard day of conferencing, it is import to relax a little bit.

Ride in style. All of the theme parks have their own transportation, but that is mostly for getting to an from the parks. The area has public transport, but that has often been described as a ‘cultural experience’. Cruising around in a limo shows that you are there for work, but can do it in style.

Hit the links. Florida is a golfer’s paradise, and central Florida must feel like heaven to people who love to golf. The area has tons of golf courses. If you have a free day, you can grab some of your new friends and play 18. The greenery and fauna provide a stunning backdrop so you can hack away with partners.


Try to do too much. Many visitors of the city underestimate the distances between Orlando and some of the surrounding attractions. It takes almost four hours to drive to Miami, and driving there and back takes up a vast majority of your day. Making it down to the Everglades will take a little longer. Cape Canaveral is only an hour away, so if you are dying to see the Space Center, you can probably see it. There is a lot to see and do in Orlando, though, so don’t go too hard.

Underestimate the weather. 96 degrees in Michigan is not 96 degrees in Orlando. Florida is an incredibly humid place, and the sun is almost always shining. This means that you should drink lots of water, wear shorts, and apply sunscreen.

Trust scalpers or people with ‘discount’ tickets. We understand the allure of the theme parks. If you have a day off, it is almost imperative that you visit one. There are tons of dishonest people around who sell fake tickets for low prices. This is just a scam. You can usually find solid deals on the websites or through trusted sources.

Get on I-4. This interstate is an absolute nightmare most of the time, and it is nothing short of hellacious during rush hour. The construction they are doing is not helping the nightmare. If you can avoid I-4, you should.

At Limo Car Orlando, we offer limo rides with professional, courteous, and local chauffeurs. Call us today.

4 Tips for Surviving in the Summer

4 Tips for Surviving the Orlando Summer

Over the summer, the whole world flocks to Orlando. In 2016 alone, 68 million people visited our city. Everyone who lives down here knows that the summers are hot and muggy, and the throngs of people warm the place up even further. As residents of the city, we know a few tips on how to beat the heat.

1.       Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

People from further north love to come down to our city. We lovingly call them snow birds. Not many of them understand what the weather is like down here, so they are not prepared. We recommend wearing light, bright clothing while you are visiting the city. Light clothing is better in the heat. It insulates your body less, and is far more breathable than heavier clothing.

You need bright clothing as well because there are very many people in Orlando over the summer, and it is easy to get lost in a crowd. A neon shirt will make members of your family stand out in a group, so you can spot them easily. An average of 11 kids get lost every day in Disney theme parks. They are lost for an average of 30 minutes. This is not so serious, but temporarily losing someone can be a dark spot on your day.

2.       Drink Plenty of Water

People often underestimate how much water they lose while out in the sun. As you are out and about, you are exerting yourself. You need to ensure that you are hydrating yourself, so that you do not run into heat and sun related illnesses.

In normal conditions, it is a good idea to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. When the weather is hot and you are moving around a lot, this number goes up. Little kids love the wonder and excitement of Orlando, and rush around without care for themselves. It is especially important for the little ones to stay hydrated as they have the time of their lives.

3.       Bring a Backpack

We understand that you do not want to look like a tourist, but do not worry; this is Orlando. Almost everyone is a tourist. Throwing a few water bottles in your backpack can save you a considerable amount of cash. A backpack also gives you space to store snacks, like granola bars, so you can sate your hunger pangs while you are out at the parks.

Those are not the only items to carry around. Sunscreen is vital in Orlando. Making sure you have enough will help you fight against sunburns. A towel also comes in handy. At many parks, you will get wet, and you do not want to spend the whole day like that.

4.       Stay in Contact

A fully charged phone is a wonderful thing. If you are in a group, you may split up. Letting people know where you are and where you will be going helps make sure no one will be lost. If you are not in a group, a charged phone at the end of the day will help you get around and make the calls you need. Constant communication is the way to go, and helps in planning.

At Limo Car Orlando, we believe in helping our community. If you would like to rent a limousine bus, a hummer limo, or want chauffeur service, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our trained, professional, and local drivers can make your trip magical.

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Orlando Before Your Cruise

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Orlando Before Your Cruise

Orlando is a great city to stay in before your cruise. This fact confuses people. Orlando is in Central Florida, after all, and not on the coast. But the fun of Orlando can stretch from sea to shining sea. 68 million people visited our city in 2016, and you could be part of a new record in 2017 and beyond. Check out this list of the best reasons to stay in Orlando before you cruise.

1.     The Fun Never Ends

Why should a cruise be the end-all, be-all of fun? Orlando has many wonderful theme parks so you and your family can enjoy fun before the fun. Universal, Disney, and others are jumping with excitement all year round.

There are hundreds of things that you can do in Orlando that you cannot do on a cruise. You can really get out and explore in a park, and that is pretty difficult to do on a boat. Plus, some companies offer incentives and cross-promotions, so you may save yourself a little bit of money when you go to a park beforehand.

2.     Nearby Attractions

Most cruises departing from Central Florida leave from Port Canaveral. If you want to see the Space Center before you go, it is only a short trip from Orlando. Should you want to see some greenery before you see nothing but ocean, Orlando has a few hiking trails and nature reserves nearby.

3.     Easy Transport

The Port of Canaveral is only a short trip away. There are many different ways to get from Orlando to where you will be sailing from. It is easy to rent a car, or find a shuttle or bus.

Our personal favorite way to get to a port is a limousine. Ride in comfort before your cruise. One of our professional and careful chauffeurs will bring you to the point where you will disembark. The whole ride will provide the best prelude to your cruise since you will be delighted in the comfort and grace of a limousine.

4.     More Hotels Available

Orlando is the tourist capital of the world. We understand this better than many do. Local hoteliers also know this fact. Orlando has a hotel on every corner, so you can be sure to find lodging that is comfortable. If you are bringing your whole family along, an Orlando hotel will have enough places to stay, even during the busiest season. A couple going on their honeymoon can find the perfect romantic place right here in Orlando. Everyone else should find the perfect hotel for them, anywhere in the area.

5.     Everyone Else Is Already Doing It

At Limo Car Orlando, we always keep track of the grapevine. We would not recommend this if we did not already know of people doing it. Tons of people have come through Orlando on their way to a fantastic Caribbean Cruise. Nothing but good reports have come our way, so we wanted to send the good vibes on.

When you need limo service in Orlando, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our drivers are knowledgeable, friendly, and know the area like the backs of their hands. Come check us out at Limo Car Orlando.

New Water Park at Universal

What You Should Know about the New Universal Studios Water Park

Universal Studios has recently opened Volcano Bay, a 30-acre water park designed to thrill and excite guests as they play around in the H20. The park has a Polynesian theme. Krakatau, a great volcano that gives the park its name, goes from a waterfall to a fire fall, to a lava flow within the same day. Before you jump in, you should know a few things about the park:

1. TapuTapu Is Your Friend

Universal Studios did a lot of extensive research when designing the park, and it absolutely shows. Their efforts have culminated into a nifty little wristwatch called TapuTapu. With this device, you can do basically anything: rent a locker, get souvenirs, and pay for meals.
The biggest advantage of TapuTapu is that you can virtually wait in line. Just pick out which ride you want to go on, and queue up. That is right, you can have a relaxing trip to the lazy river or grab a bite to eat while your little buddy waits in line for you. The best part is that you do not have to go immediately. Unfortunately, you will have to give TapuTapu back at the end of the day.

2. Arrive Early

Tourists hear this advice all the time. That makes sense because it is good advice. As the latest attraction, it is absolutely swarming with people. Early birds will find shorter lines to the hottest rides, and more space, so you can find the best spot.

3. Do Not Bring Anything More Than What You Need

You are going to get wet here. This seems pretty obvious since you want to get wet. But you do not want your camera, or your clothes to get wet. As mentioned above, you can rent out a locker, but the lockers are not Hermione’s bag, which can hold anything. Some rides will not let you ride in flip-flops. The top of Krakatau might as well be the highest point in Florida, and you do not want to lug anything up there just to be told that you cannot ride with it. This park favors those who come to it light.

4. Park at City Walk

Universal charges $12 a day if you are staying at one of their hotels. If you are not staying at one of the hotels around the park, parking is going to get really pricey in a hurry. Leaving your car at CityWalk, and then taking one of Universal’s buses is going to save you money and hassle. Make sure you get here as early as you can, as parking fills up fast.

5. Do Not Worry about the Rain

In Florida, we have a joke: “If you do not like the weather, that is ok. All you have to do is wait 30 minutes.” There is a lot of truth to the aphorism. Many will feel tempted to pack up and leave when the sky darkens, but wise tourists will simply head under an overhang or into a restaurant. The rain usually passes fairly quickly.

If you want to ride to Volcano Bay in style, do not hesitate to contact us today. At Limo Car Orlando, our friendly, professional, and local staff will help you in any way they can.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

5 Ideas For An Awesome Bachelorette Party

Drees To Impress

It’s a party after all! Let everyone know why you and your friends are out and about the town!

Keep Your Phone Handy

Take pictures throughou the night and post them on Facebook to let everyone else know how much fun you are having!

Don’t Stick To Just One Place

Keep alternating between one party place to another. See everything and get as much out of the night as you can.

In-Depth People Analysis

Come up with a fun contest that everyone will enjoy and hand out bachelorette party related gifts to the winners!

Ride In Style!

Nothing says class, luxury and the ultimate party on wheels like a limousine! Renting one will sure make your event unforgettable!

To Book Your Limo For Your Bachelorette Party, Get In Touch With  LIMOCAR ORLANDO

Book a limo

Why You Should Book A Limo For Your Next Official Meeting

Being a business owner or an executive means making strong connections with all other businesses, in order to sign favorable deals.

Appearing uninterested or unprofessional can thus have an adverse affect on your business’ reputation.

One way to start off on the right foot is to book a limo for your next meeting. It will leave the right impression and let your clients know that you actually care about how the deal goes.

Picking Up A Client

If your client needs to be picked up from the airport, this is a good way to utilize the time while travelling. You can show them around the city in a luxury limousine. You can talk business while at the same time travelling in style. You can spend this time getting to know your client and the needs of their business. This time will thus be focused on building positive working relationships with them.

Impress Your Clients

Impressing the clients in every way will be of great value to your business. Adding a stylish limo to the equation can thus go a long way. Wearing a suit to the business meeting is essential; traveling in a luxury vehicle can be considered another way of portraying professionalism.

Showing your client that they are important to your business is necessary. If you aim to build relationships and sign favorable deals, you need to make your clients feel welcome. If you show up at the airport in a Lincoln Town Car or a Mercedes S550, they will surely feel as though they are walking the Hollywood red carpet.

Chauffeurs Will Know The Area

If you are travelling to Orlando for a business meeting and are unaware of the area, it would be a good option to rent a limo. You will not have to worry about getting lost in the city and showing up late for the meeting, the professional chauffeur will know the exact destination. He will also know the best and shortest routes, as well as the peak hours of traffic. You will get the assistance you need in the city. He will be able to guide you about the best restaurants and any tourist spots you might want to see.

You won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a cab at every destination. You can be at peace during your entire trip and not have to worry about transportation. So when looking for a prompt means of transportation, a limousine is the right choice for you.

Limo Car Orlando is the best limousine service in Orlando, providing efficient services to all their customers. So when travelling for your next business meeting, or picking up a client you really want to impress, you know who to call!

Wedding limo hire

Travel Like A Celebrity To Your Prom!

Looking to be this year’s prom King or Queen? Prom season is just around the corner. You know what that means—gorgeous dresses; corsages; hair and makeup choices; shopping; and lots of Snapchat!

Get your clothes ready. Don’t forget the matching shoes. Plan out everything you need to do for the day. And most importantly, make your limousine reservations on time!

Going to your high school prom in a luxury limo will be an amazing experience for sure; pool in the money and enjoy the ride, arriving in style!


Hiring a limousine means listening to your favorite tunes with your group of friends. You can have a whole other celebration on your way to the venue.

Make a playlist for the day. Let it be the soundtrack of the night!


Our limousines are perfect for any variety of drinks you would like to enjoy on your way to prom. You can stock up on drinks—ask your friends for suggestions. A full service bar with drinks and ice will be ready for you.

Say cheese!

Taking pictures is an important part of the day.

We all try to record our memories to look back at later in life. Prom is a memorable night of every student’s life, so don’t be lazy when it comes to posing for the camera.

Be sure to click pictures with all your friends and in the outfit you worked so hard to put together. The best way to do it is to plan a photo shoot before the event, preferably earlier in the day. Be sure to take pictures in your limo as well.

Make an entrance

Arriving at the venue will definitely be the highlight of the night.

As the limousine takes a turn and makes its way down the street, everyone will be envious. Step out of your classy limousine in style, like the celebrity you are!

Don’t hold back the glam on this special night. Plan out everything for a perfect time.

When arriving at your prom in a limousine from Limo Car Orlando, you are sure to look like a star! Choose from our fleet of vehicles and make reservations for one of the biggest days of your teenage life.

Airport chauffeur service

Hosting Guests In Orlando? Hit All the Hotspots in a Luxury Vehicle

Great hospitality can turn a forgettable place into a sanctuary for meaningful memories and experiences.

From a big, fat vacation to the Greek islands with friends and family, to an intimate couple’s getaway in an exotic location—you come across colorful locals and eccentric characters; humble dwellers who enrich your stay with their unique presence.

After all, it’s true what they say: people make the place. And part of what makes traveling so soulful and gratifying is your contact with those who embody the very spirit of that place.

When in Orlando…

The city of Orlando: home to magnificent museums, wild water parks, exquisite exhibits and roaring roller coasters. If there’s one place that offers all the makings of summer love, it’s the buzzing city of Florida!

With a growing number of amusement parks, restaurants, shopping centers and more, it’s no wonder why the supply of hotels is expected to rise by 3% in the next two years!

Hotels and hospitality form the cornerstone of your visit. Be it a short trip to a small town, or an overseas adventure to a foreign land—when someone spends a considerable amount of money on a fantastic vacation—they tend to cut down costs wherever they can.

Besides sticking to a budget, your guests may be concerned about navigating a new place and making sure they hit all the right spots.

Some people don’t like roller coasters, while others aren’t fans of history.

Coupled with a limited timeframe, their trip to a beautiful place may be ruined by stressing out about details like commuting and budgeting.

Leave No Stone Unturned

The first thing to remember when planning a trip to Orlando is to remember: it’s a big city! And we mean BIG!

If you’re hosting guests in Orlando who are only visiting for a short period of time, remind them there’s no way to explore every nook and cranny without breaking their bank (and back)!

The best way to put their worries at bay—especially if they’re important clients or VIP guests—is to save them the trouble and plan their itinerary.

Get to know their interests and what kind of activities they enjoy. Movies, outdoor adventures, great music or a low-key stroll around town—everyone’s into something different, and Orlando leaves no guest unamused!

Round up a list of places you know they’ll love and greet them in a vehicle that says “you matter”.

We provide luxury limousines and licensed chauffeurs to help you entertain guests in style.

Call us now for queries and bookings, and show ‘em what Orlando’s all about!

Airport driver service

All About Orlando: A Brief Guide to Planning a Sensational Summer in Central Florida

Longer days and shorter nights, melting snow cones and denim short-shorts, gigantic theme parks and blockbuster action films—nothing spells fun like the sizzling sunny season!

That’s right, folks! Summer’s on the horizon, which means it’s time to plan a vacation!

We all wait eagerly for the dawning of that glorious time of year. Circling the important dates in bold red, we schedule me-time months in advance to celebrate our hard-earned freedom from the daily grind.

CEOs, teachers, doctors, students—people of all ages and backgrounds, from all walks of life, look forward to the spectrum of lemon yellows, hot pinks, and crimson reds that together paint the canvas of a scintillating season.

And what better way to celebrate the potpourri of colors than go with a palate that offers every shade of summer?

Planning Some Fun in the Sun

This year, Orlando’s stealing the spotlight for being one of the biggest hot-spots for tourists, travelers, families and kids.

Theme parks, museums, outdoor adventures, and great food—there’s something for everyone in Florida’s entertainment capital.

Wondering what makes it especially hot this summer?

An explosion of fun-tivities for every individual under the sun! From Pandora , the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, to the grand opening of a 25,000-seat multipurpose soccer stadium, there’s a multitude of fantastic options for all in the city!

Before you buy your tickets and make reservations, however, take a deep breath and keep in mind these tips for a truly wonderful vacay:

1. Compare Prices

Orlando is the hub of entertainment. And in your quest to plan the perfect getaway, you’re likely to visit a lot of places and try to stick to a budget. This is only made possible by doing a fair amount of research, scouring the Internet to find the best deals.

2. Know Your Guest-List

Who are you traveling with? Children? Grandparents? Colleagues? Old college friends? Knowing your company makes it easier for you to plan a trip that caters to everyone’s individual interests.

3. Commute Carefully

Orlando is home to a dozen amusement parks, and even more museums and restaurants. If you’re visiting for a brief period of time, or only managed to get a few days off from work, make them count by traveling in style.

Our recommendation?

Make commuting easier and more fabulous for large groups of people by booking a classy limo that offers exclusive packages!

We bring you a fleet of luxury limousines with licensed chauffeurs, who will drive you to the main attractions and back without the hassle!

Why spend thousands of dollars on a memorable vacation, only to skimp out on transportation?

Book a limo today and give yourself the gift of luxury!