The Best Sports Bars in Orlando

If you’re heading to Orlando with some friends, or perhaps celebrating a bachelor party, you should definitely know which bars to visit for a good time. Whether you’re watching the Superbowl or a random game during the week, you want to go to the right place for great food, an awesome atmosphere, and a fun time.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Celebration Town Tavern

There’s something about family-owned restaurants. The warm atmosphere, great food, and comfortable setting are definitely what to look for when looking for a place to watch spend a fun night. This neighborhood tavern offers everything from lobster rolls to mouth-watering fish sandwiches. A big bonus is the “99 bottles of beer on the wall” club, which provides plenty of choices for beer fans and for those looking for a unique variety of drinks. Get your membership and head over now.


Duffy’s Sports Grill

Located in many areas in Florida, Duffy’s is known for its famous sports bar ambiance. With its entire wall space covered by hundreds of TVs and memorabilia, your experience will be taken to the next level. The menu is also something you’ll be talking about for days. Offering foods such as the “hangover burger” and the “coconut-crusted dolphin,” these interesting labels makes things a lot more exciting and adventurous. When it comes to beer, there is a wide selection of Craft beer you can choose from, along with your team of buddies. The best part? If you’re watching your weight or thinking of going healthy, there are more than a dozen meal options that go under 600 calories per meal. Duffy’s Sports Bar has it all!

Kings Orlando

The Best Sports Bars in Orlando Featured Image

The name pretty much gives it away. You will certainly feel like a king in this bar. You may not have thought about this one, but a bowling venue apparently goes well in a sports bar! This spot offers an all in one bowling alley and a bar to watch your favorite game. For those looking for more than watching the screen, this place is ideal. Even during the commercials of the game, you ’ll have the chance to enjoy some bowling with your friends, without having to worry about missing out on the score. What’s better than that?

Nona Tap Room

If you want to really point out your love for beer, this bar is perfect for you. With beer-infused dishes including Fish and Chips plunged in beer butter, you’ll be visiting this bar a lot more often than you think. Of course, as this Tap Room is all about beer, you will have a selection of 50 international beers to choose from. Want to get your name on the wall?  Simple, join their beer club.

There you have it! You’re now all set to go ahead and discover some of the best sports bars in town. Knowing that your time is limited, use this list to narrow down your preferences and go with the one that best fits what you’re looking for. Most importantly, make sure that you have transportation when getting back to your hotel. Reserve your car now with Limo Car Orlando.

Top Cruises of 2018

Top Must-Do Cruises of 2018

It’s vacation time, and you’re feeling pressured to find the perfect destination. What if you can do multiple destinations on an all-inclusive cruise? Going on a cruise is an all-time favorite, and is definitely a good time. Whether you’re into tanning all day, doing water sports, or enjoying a massage at the spa, cruises have it all!


Choose from the top 2018 cruises to go on a trip of a lifetime with your loved one, your best friend, or even solo!


Royal Caribbean International


This 7-night all-inclusive sail is a must. While with any standard cruise you can sail to the Carribean or Mexico, you can now board the ship to Alaska, navigate the waters of Europe, or ride the waves of New Zealand. Depending on which itinerary you prefer, you can tag along sightseeing tours, and savor extraordinary nature hikes along the way. The ship typically sails from various ports in the U.S. including: Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Boston.


Features of this cruise include onboard amenities for all ages, a wide variety of dining options onboard, and many entertainment options. What are you waiting for? Book now!


Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas


The novel and innovative Symphony of the Seas is something else. Once you step aboard this ship, you’ll forget you’re even on a cruise. There are so many attractions and things to do, that you won’t even have time to try everything!


This revolutionary cruise includes shows such as “Hairspray”, a sports bar and arcade, and top-notch dining options. If you’re bringing your kids with you, this ship features Laser Tag and the Sugar Beach, if you or your child have a sweet tooth. Other onboard activities such as high-speed slides, aqua parks, rock climbing, and ice skating will definitely keep you busy and entertained!


Spots run out fairly quickly! Book your adventure now.


Disney Cruise Line


Missed Mickey Mouse in Orlando? No worries! You’ll catch him in this exhilarating Disney Cruise Line. When you set sail with Disney, your imagination will be overflowing! With live Disney shows, character experiences, and deck parties, you’ll have entertainment at all times.

After you’ve had enough Disney for the day, you’ll be able to enjoy nightclubs, lounges, and even family venues. The Disney Cruise Line will also give you the opportunity to soak in a magical makeover at the spa, and even get a quick workout at the recreation center! Whatever you’re into, Disney’s Cruise Line has you covered.


Seabourn Cruise Line


Just got married? Already married and want to rekindle the flame? Couples vacation? Whatever reason you have, it’s worth it! Allowing only up to 600 guests on the ship, the Seabourn focuses on intimacy and exclusivity.


Travelers should expect fine dining, stimulating onboard entertainment and a variety of outdoor activities when voyaging. On the daily, you can choose from appreciating a spa massage all the way to enjoying an evening at the casino. All accommodations on this ship are suites with ocean views, so you no longer need to worry about reserving a specific room. The best part? Drinks are on the house.


It’s always the right time to hop on a cruise. All you have to do is choose one of the top-rated cruises above. Book, pack, and get ready for a journey you won’t want to miss. Should you need transportation to your port or any other adventures you’re heading to, LimoCar Orlando is at your service! Travel in style.

Visiting Orlando in the Spring

Visiting Orlando in the Spring – What You Should Know

17.15 million people visited Orlando in the Spring of 2017. We are expecting to see more in the Spring of 2018, and for good reason: this is the time of the year when our city is bursting with life and energy. The flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping.

And more important than everything else, the tourists come flocking back. Our city has a dash of magic and a heaping dose of hospitality, so we welcome you with open arms. If you are looking for Orlando limousine reservations, come to us. If you are on the hunt for an insider look at Orlando, read on.

Stay Off the I-4

Spring is a time of hope for many people. Once you get onto the I-4 during peak traffic hours, many of your hopes will be dashed in long traffic jams. Orange-vested construction workers appear from the woodwork come April, making an already clogged road even more congested.

One of the easiest ways you can take the stress out of your trip is by renting a limo. We are locals, and we know all of the streets like the backs of our hands. You can trust us to get you to where you are going with the least amount of frustration.

Know the Weather

The closer we get to the Summer, the hotter it gets. While that seems rational, people often underestimate just how warm it can be. Average highs are a pleasant 78 in March, but can eclipse 88 degrees in May. This means that you will want to grab a pair of shorts and a few water bottles before you head out.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that we get sudden rains. It may prove wise to take a rain jacket with you. If you are worried that the rain will put a damper on your trip, it will be ok. Orlando has plenty to offer indoors.

So Many Parties

After Winter, we all want to pull an Elsa and let it go. Seriously, though, there is a lot going on in Orlando. Epcot has the International Flower and Garden Festival. Disney World has the Galactic Nights. The Magic Kingdom has Disney After Hours. A lot of the theme parks pull out all of the stops when the weather starts getting warm.

We haven’t even gotten to the biggest party of all: Spring Break. Every single year, thousands of college kids from all across the country come to Orlando. If there isn’t already a party, chances are they are going to make one.

When you need a guide to the top Orlando bars and clubs, we have you covered. There is a lot to do in Orlando. Sometimes it is worth just to get out and explore.

Commune with Nature

Orlando is known for its big theme parks and the excitement of roller coasters thundering through the air. Our town does have a lot to offer outside of that. There are the Everglades, Lake Eola Park, and our personal favorite, scenic Winter Park Boat Tours. Orlando has a natural side to it as well.

If you have any questions about how to make the most out of your Orlando trip, call us today. We can be your resource on all things Orlando. Limo Car Orlando will be happy to take your limousine reservations.

What to Do on Valentine’s Day in Orlando

What to Do on Valentine’s Day in Orlando

Our city is magic throughout the year, but Orlando truly turns on the charm when February 14th rolls around. The Theme Park Capital of the World has a lot to offer for you and your beau. As natives to Orlando, we know this town like the back of our hands. Read our guide for what to do on Valentine’s Day.


It’s a given that you are going to take your lady out to a nice dinner The only question is where. Orlando is teeming with options, and we want to help break them down for you.

Cuba Libre is one of the most exciting spots in the whole city. The restaurant is as much a party as it is a great spot to grab a bite. If you hit this place at the right time, the dancefloor will be shaking and grooving. Cuba Libre can provide one of the liveliest Valentine’s dates you have ever had. When you are looking for a little bit más, this is an excellent choice.

STK Orlando is one of the nicest steakhouses in the city. Located in Disney Springs, you can find more traditional fare. Don’t let all the tourists scare you off, because the steak here is absolutely divine.

Fleming’s is a little bit more upscale, but taking your date here is worth every penny. Come dressed to impress. If you have some wine knowledge, you can really flex it here. They have two locations in Orlando, and either spot is perfect for Valentine’s.

Things to Do

If you go to Fleming’s in Winter Park, you have the perfect opportunity to walk around the neighborhood. This part of the city features a wide range of cute buildings and quirky shops. You can pop in to Rocket Fizz to get your date something sweet, or Apple Blossom Florist for flowers that she will remember. You can also take a scenic boat tour, and see the Kraft Azalea Garden and the Isle of Sicily from on the water.

If your date is looking for something a little more highbrow, you should consider the Orlando Museum of Art. It is closed on major holidays, but it is open on Saturdays and Sundays between 12-4PM. Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, which means that you may have to go on the Saturday before Valentine’s. And if you are going out that night, you need something to do during the day. So why not look at some rare and unique paintings?

Last but certainly not least, you could always visit a theme park. There is no better way to make your loved one happy than the Happiest Place on Earth. There is wine tasting at the France Pavilion in Epcot, carriage rides at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, and fireworks to round off your evening.

One of the best things you can do to impress your date is to rent a limo. If you are looking for Orlando limo car rental, we can help. One of our professional chauffeurs can take the stress out of your evening by driving you around. Valentine’s Day is a day for you and your significant other. Don’t worry about traffic or driving. We will take care of it all.

What You Should Know About Pandora - The World of Avatar graphic

The 411 On Disney’s New Attraction: The World of Avatar

Pandora, also known as the World of Avatar, just made a grand entrance. This new and exciting attraction was directly inspired by the record-breaking movie, Avatar, which takes place on the alien world of Pandora.

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests are invited to roam the stimulating world of Pandora, where Sci-Fis fantasies become reality. Guests can experience everything from virtual reality rides to making their very own Avatar at this new hot spot.

Disney’s Imagineer Designers chose to create the valley of Mo’ara, the main setting of the film, where animated strips of jungles, flowing streams, and  caves all come together.

Below you will discover all the main attractions you can find in the new World of Avatar:

Na’vi River Journey

This exciting ride lets you journey into deep forests in search of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. This attraction is family-friendly and suitable for children of all ages. This ride offers FastPass accessibility, so you no longer have to wait in line!

Avatar Flight of Passage

This thrilling tour will have you talking for days! The World of Avatar now offers the opportunity to fly on the back of a mountain banshee in hopes of catching some cool sights. You may be interested in checking this one out if you’re a huge fan of sunsets, or simply like nature.

Flight of Passage actually imitates a scene from the film. The main character, Jake Sully, flies on a rather interesting creature known as an Ikran, or banshee. Jake builds a strong connection with this creature, and finally gets to see “big picture” while flying over the skies of Pandora. Now, you will too!

This ride is appropriate for all ages, and may be particularly relevant for kids, and teens.

Valley of Mo’ara

You won’t regret walking through the valley of Mo’ara. Be prepared to catch exotic plants coming to life, find cultural items throughout the land, and go on fascinating expeditions!

At the valley, you will also spot large floating mountains, where you can capture the beauty of Avatar’s creatures and wildlife. You may even be lucky enough to come across tour guides like Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) and experts from the Pandora Conservation Initiative.

So what are you waiting for? Start the year off right, and book your transportation to this magical experience now!


4 Tips for Successful Convention Management in Orlando.

4 Tips for Managing Your Orlando Convention

Orlando is known as one of the best locations when it comes to holding conventions.  It is home to top-rated hotels and convention centers that provide the best amenities for events that draw large crowds. Now that you have a great location, all you have to do is to manage your event well to get things running smoothly. Here are 4 tips for managing your Orlando Convention.

Begin with the end in mind.

This often-quoted advice is very important since it will be the foundation by which you will build your convention plan. All your logistics will revolve around the vision that you and your team have set. It will dictate the kind of venue that you will ultimately book, the food that you will serve, and even the type of invitations that you will send out.  Crafting your goals in a clear and precise manner is already half the battle.

Set up a realistic financial plan.

Managing the business side of a convention is the harrowing part. Shoring up the funds needed for a big time convention, for example, entails months of planning and ground work.

Staging a convention needs both airtight logistics and a realistic business plan. This way you will know essential expenses to ensure that the convention is held without budgetary constraints.

Compare and contrast.

Now that you have your goals set and the projected amount of money that you can spend for your convention, it is time to get the best value for your money. This will allow you to save on precious resources so you can extend your budget even further.

Orlando is home to several convention locations that are as budget-friendly as they come. Choices like the Orange County Convention Center or the Best Western Orlando Convention Center are well-reviewed places that are not extraordinarily costly.  

Another thing that you should look into is transportation. To shuttle your guests to and from the convention venue, you should book cars that provide comfort and style at the best price. We at can do exactly that.

We provide you quality, luxury limousines at great deals. Your guests will surely appreciate our top-notch luxury limousines and reliable chauffeurs without having to exceed the financial goals you have set in your business plan.

Form a strong team.

Big time conventions need a lot of manpower. If you want to manage a convention well, you have to form a strong team that understands the goals of your convention and will help you achieve them.

They will be there as the registrants come in. When you make important decisions on the kind of food you will serve, they will be there as well. They can even help attend to an irate convention participant. Having a strong team significantly increases the probability of holding a successful convention.

Limo Car Orlando is here for All Your Transportation Needs!

Managing a convention is certainly not for the faint of heart as it will take a lot of effort and focus. As such, it is important for anyone to take these four tips into consideration if you want to be a successful convention manager.

Just remember: For transportation needs during the convention, you can trust Limo Car Orlando to do the job. Contact us at 1 (888) 899-5466 so we can talk about how we can appropriately suit your needs and your budget as you hold your next convention here in Orlando. Happy planning!

Orlando Halloween Guide

Orlando Halloween Celebration Guide

For the residents of Orlando, Halloween is basically Christmas. We do not experience the Winter Wonderland that our friends to the north get to enjoy. So we go all out in the Fall, and have a spook-tacular time. Read on for our guide to Halloween in Orlando.

Halloween Horror Nights

If this were a rock show, Halloween Horror Nights would be the headliner. It is not just one of the best events in Orlando, this is one of the scariest, most exciting, and most buzzworthy events in the entire country. Head on down to Universal Studios between September 15th and November 4th for one of the creepiest times you will ever have.

Not only is this horrifying, this is recognizable horror. All of your favorite films come to life, and all of the bad guys are headed straight at you. Among this year’s villains are Jigsaw from the Saw franchise, the horrors of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, and some of the worst purveyors of evil from American Horror Story. Some of the antagonists from Evil Dead, the Purge, and Insidious will also be on hand to scare you out of your wits.

Universal Studios has been known to go all out for these few weeks. There are live actors wandering around the park in terrifying makeup, and there is no shortage of scares. Diagon Alley will remain open throughout this event.

You may have already guessed this, but this is not for the little ones. Children under the age of 13 are strongly advised to stay away from the Halloween Horror Nights. Tickets will run you $59.99 for a single night, and there are packages as well. No masks or costumes are allowed.

Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

This one is a little bit more family friendly. There are events which celebrate the villains of Disney, and shows which explore magic and dark acts. A parade rolls through the grounds, including stars of the Haunted Mansion.

You can come dressed to this event, and trick or treat around the park. The night ends with a spectacular fireworks show. This is only happening on a few select nights, and tickets will cost $74 dollars each.

A Petrified Forest

If you are only seeing one haunted house this year, this one is the way to go. There are two trail rides this year, and they are bigger and better than ever. This has consistently been rated as one of the scariest and best Halloween events in Central Florida. You cannot miss this one.

This one has been rated PG-13. While children under the age of 12 can visit, they will need an adult with them. Opening night is October 6th, and it runs for a few weeks.  You can check out their site for more information. Going toe to toe with maniacs, zombies, and ghouls of all sorts can be daunting, so only the very brave should attend this one.

Trick or Treating

There are many areas of the city to go trick or treating. Our personal favorite is Baldwin Park. When you are looking for good old-fashioned trick or treating, that is the place to go. Hundreds of parents and kids will be swarming the area. It will be safe, and very family friendly.

Halloween Bar Crawl

Get ready to party and join the 3rd Annual Halloween Bar Crawl around Downtown Orlando. Purchase a $24 ticket and gain free cover at every venue, exclusive drink specials and a Halloween t-shirt. Do not forget your costume, as there will be a contest with prizes. The event date is Friday, October 20.

If you have any questions about Halloween events in Orlando, contact us. We have our roots in the Orlando area, and will gladly help you with your transportation needs. Call us today.  Limo Car Orlando can help you ride in style. A ride in a limo can make your Halloween night truly special.  

5 Top Orlando Wedding Venues

5 Top Orlando Wedding Venues

When it comes to wedding preparations, choosing the perfect wedding venue is no easy task. Orlando is well-known for having several wedding venues that offer indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception regardless of the theme you have in mind.

To help you find the one that suits you best, here’s a list of our top 5 wedding venues in Orlando in no particular order:

  • Waldorf Astoria Orlando

For a classy dream wedding, this quintessential venue at 14200 Bonnet Creek Lane boasts a 482-acre landscape and world-class amenities. The Grand Ballroom offers a fairy tale wedding that showcases elegant hanging chandeliers and soft interior with spacious dance floor for an evening of dancing and merriment.

For a wedding reception under the stars, Waldorf Promenade shows a terraced view of the pool and golf course. If you prefer an outdoor sunset wedding, you may choose between The Signature Island with sweeping views of the resort’s waterways and Central Park Gardens with a quaint covered pergola surrounded by a wonderfully-manicured garden.

  • The Cypress Grove Estate House

This property boasts of 80 acres of lush trees and seasonal flowers that is picture-worthy. The tree-lined drive leading to The Estate House offers a welcoming ambiance to all its visitors. The gazebo dressed with elegant draping or lighting is perfect for the “walking down the aisle” part of the ceremony.

Couples can either choose The Estate House or The Grove House as an ideal setting for fewer than 50 guests. For an intimate ceremony, consider exchanging vows with Lake Jessamine on the backdrop.

  • Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal

Situated in Universal Boulevard, Crowne Plaza offers a secluded courtyard with white pillars and green grass for an outdoor wedding ceremony. If you prefer an indoor wedding, Crowne Ballroom offers a lavish reception area with a maximum capacity of 140 guests.

For cocktail hour after reception, guests may enjoy drinks coupled with cheers and casual conversation at the Grand Staircase Atrium.

  • Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

This Italian-themed hotel is nestled along Universal Boulevard and boasts its 750 luxurious guestrooms including 45 suites and three stunning pools that await your guests. Villa Piazza offers its lush lawn for a sun-kissed outdoor ceremony and a designed gazebo to serve as a wedding altar.

Another wedding venue to consider is a secluded courtyard called Citrus Piazza that is adjacent to the Venetian Ballroom which eases the transition from ceremony to reception. For relaxation, Mandara Spa offers to pamper your guests with massage and body treatment before or after the wedding.

  • Hyatt-Regency

This hotel located 12 miles away from the Orlando International Airport has multiple function rooms and over 1,600 guest rooms to accommodate your wedding preparations until the actual day takes. Most rooms designed for banquet or standing reception can be separated into two different rooms. Likewise, most ballrooms can be partitioned into separate sections.

Furthermore, there are several restaurants and bars to choose from. There is also a spa and three pools available for your guests to indulge in before or after the wedding.

Contact Limo Car Orlando for your Wedding Transportation Needs

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is no easy task. Let your wedding transportation needs be one fewer difficulty to take care of. Trust LimoCarOrlando to help transport your guests from one venue to another.

Contact us at 1 (888) 899-5466 so we can talk about how we can make your wedding in Orlando flow with ease and an event to remember for a lifetime.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Traveling to Orlando

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Traveling to Orlando

Orlando is one of the best places to visit as it offers so many things to do for all types of travelers. It is home to different theme parks for the whole family to enjoy. It has got so many beaches for that needed break under the sun. Its vibrant night life and myriad of outlet stores will appeal to just about anyone.

Are you ready to make the most of your Orlando trip? Here is the ultimate cheat sheet for traveling to Orlando!

Theme Parks

The great thing about Orlando is that most of its theme parks are relatively near each other. Walt Disney World Resort is a short drive from Downtown Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. You can stay in one place for one day and drive to the next on another.

Here are some tips if theme parks are your main goal when you visit Orlando.

If you want to save money, plan your visit ahead of time. There are times when theme park tickets are sold at a discount online. On regular days, you can still get cheaper tickets online rather than buying them in person when you reach the site. Buying tickets online will also save you the time of having to wait in the queue, which is yet another advantage if you purchase them ahead of time.

Planning ahead has its benefits. Apart from getting good deals, you can also get reservations to dine with some of the theme park’s amazing characters. You may need to book months in advance if you want to have the opportunity to do so.

Water Fun

Orlando is known for its beautiful beaches and great water parks. This ultimate cheat sheet for traveling to Orlando has great suggestions for places you can check out if spending time in the water is your number one priority.

If beaches are your thing, the nearest ones to Orlando would be around an hour and a half drive away. You can head out to Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, or Canaveral National Seashore. Farther out to the west are St. Pete Beach, Tarpon Springs, and Clearwater Beach.

If you want to head out to water parks, Orlando is the place to be. You have Aquatica, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, and SeaWorld’s Waterpark. To get the best value for your money, book your tickets online and ahead of time.

Other Things to Take Note Of


An Orlando visit will not be complete without a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. It is an hour’s drive away from the city. For comfortable and stylish transportation for you and your family or friends, book with! We have a wide selection of quality limousines driven by reliable chauffeurs all for a great price. Achieve that perfect Orlando visit when you ride with us.

If you are traveling with many companions, you can save by booking home rentals. They are much cheaper compared to hotel suites, plus you get to enjoy the amenities of home.

There are several dinner shows and restaurants to choose from. Comedy Clubs come a-plenty in the city, and themed dinners like the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows and Medieval Times are patronized by many. There is also a one-mile stretch of restaurants near International Drive that both locals and tourists visit.

Orlando is also known for its outlet stores so if shopping is your pastime, you are in the right place. Check out Premium Outlets Orlando near International Drive, which has more than 300 stores.

For Comfortable and Convenient Travel, Book a Limo!

When traveling to Orlando, you would need at least couple of days or even multiple visits to fully enjoy what the city has to offer. Hop from one place to another without the hassle by booking a limo at!

Our excellent services are your perfect companion as you make the most of your Orlando trip. Call us now at 1 (888) 899-5466 and let’s talk about how we can suit your needs and your budget as you head on out to our city.

Orlando Solar Eclipse Tips

Orlando Solar Eclipse Tips

On Monday, August 21st, the contiguous United States will experience a solar eclipse visible for the first time in 99 years. The sun, earth, and moon will perfectly align and it will be visible from the west to the east coast. A path of total eclipse will pass through 14 states, from Oregon to South Carolina. If you are in Orlando, you will experience a partial solar eclipse from 1:19 p.m to 4:14 p.m. The best time to view the eclipse will be at 2:45 p.m. when the solar eclipse will be at 85% totality. This means that at this time, you can experience viewing the moon almost completely covering the sun! We have put together a few important tips to know about the solar eclipse.


Looking directly at the sun during the eclipse can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes and even blindness. Also, keep in mind that sunglasses will not be enough to protect your eyes. If you plan on viewing the eclipse, you need to buy ISO certified solar viewing glasses online or you can pick one up for free at your local public library. Pets will be safe as they are not accustomed to looking up at the sun. However, if you want to be extra safe, you could purchase a pair of glasses for your furry friend if you plan on taking your pet out for a walk during the eclipse. You can pick up a pair of glasses in one of 10 public libraries giving out free safe-viewing glasses, but only while supplies last! Many public libraries in the area are even holding solar eclipse viewing parties. Check out the list of public libraries giving out free-viewing glasses below.


Many parents are worried about their kid’s safety during the solar eclipse because it will be occurring in the afternoon right as kids are getting out of school. Since dismissal times in most schools in Orlando will remain the same, those kids walking or riding their bikes home must take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Take the time to talk to your kids about not looking up directly at the sun and contact their school to find out exactly what safety precautions will be in place at the school. Central Florida will be allowing kids to stay home from school on Monday. In Orange County specifically, early pickup will be excused with a note. Also, any outdoor activities happening that day will be moved indoors. For more information check out the link below.

Where to View

There will be viewing parties and events all over Central Florida. In Orange County, the Museum of Arts and Sciences will have a telescope with a solar filter that will allow guests to see a magnified view of the eclipse. Certain public libraries in the area will have arts and crafts, educational activities, and viewing parties. If you are interested, make sure to register in advance! For a list of events happening in the Central Florida area, check out the link below.

Walt Disney World

There is no official word on whether Walt Disney World theme parks will be holding special solar eclipse events on this day or how this will affect guests visiting the parks. However, certain changes to a few outdoor rides have already been announced. Keep an eye out for any official announcements in the coming days. For information on what we know so far, check out the link below.

At Limo Car Orlando we want to make sure our guests enjoy this extraordinary event and do so safely. If you are traveling in the city on Monday during the eclipse, ride in style in one of our luxury limos and cars. Contact us today!

Here is a chart for best Solar Eclipse viewing times:

Best Solar Eclipse Viewing Times in Central Florida