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The Basics Of Hiring A Limo For A Wedding

Hiring a limousine for your wedding is one of the most classic ideas for your special day. But how do you make such a decision?

Keeping your transportation needs in mind, you have to find a limo service that will not only offers you required amenities, but will also not burn a limo sized hole in your budget.

And to find such a limo company, you need to use following tips we offer.

How to Hire a Limo in 5 Easy Steps

1. Book a Company in Advance… Way in Advance

We’re talking six to nine months! If your wedding falls in the midst of graduation or prom season, you probably won’t be able to find the right transportation in time. Settle your wedding date and ceremony sites, narrow down the party size, and contact a limo company. This way, you’ll be assured that you’ll have the best car from the fleet.

2. Consider Your Limo Options

White stretch limos are traditional for a reason. But this doesn’t mean they’re your only option. Be creative with your approach and match your ride with your wedding theme and taste. White limousines may not seem so out of place. But if your theme is black-and-white, emerging out of a black sleek limo in your tux or sleek gown will definitely set the mood for the affair.

3. Give Your Entourage a Gift – A Second Limousine!

So you can’t afford to buy those personalized wristwatches and rings from your groomsmen or the bridal party. Solve this dilemma by hiring a limo instead for the whole night!

Your respective parties deserve to travel in style as much as you, especially since they’ve been taken care of you throughout the wedding preparations. If you’re not travelling to the ceremony with them, get them their own limo; or if you can, hire a large limousine and travel with them after the ceremony for a fun ride to the reception.

4. Make the Reservations in person

Contrary to popular belief, most things don’t look better than they do on camera. Often, they turn out to be worse. Don’t let this happen on your special day. Find out all you can on the company’s website and get all the details, but once you do so, book the limo in person after getting a good look. And make sure to ask about all the amenities before you put down the deposit.

5. Remember to Pay for Wait Time

Rental companies like Limo Car Orlando charge clients by the hour. Calculate the total hours that you will need the limousine for, from the ceremony pickup to the end of the reception time. After that, determine whether you can pay that much money.

With our limo car service in Orlando, the total sum won’t be as much because we offer affordable services. So if you do contact us, remember to add up to 15% for the tip and put that payment aside.

Hiring a Limo Car Service

Limo Car Orlando in Florida is usually the go-to limo company for couples seeking affordable luxury transportation.

Check out our fleet of limousines that we offer for special occasions and make your selection. We guarantee you that our services will definitely serve as the cherry on top of a perfect day!

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